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A show about human ingenuity and the drive to disrupt conventional thinking in business, design, and life.

The Future of Work – w/ Angus Nelson

In this episode we learn about one man’s mission and the trials and tribulations he endured along the way. He’s full of knowledge, skill, ambition, and most important passion. My guest Angus Nelson is a speaker, coach, and facilitator who works with executives from some of the world’s biggest companies such as Walmart, Whole Foods, Coke, Adobe, Hallmark, and Swisscom. He’s the annual MC for the Caribbean’s ATech Conference in Aruba and his podcast, “Up In Your Business” was recognized on Inc.com as a Top 20 Business Podcast in 2015.

Want To Write A Best Selling Book? w/ Tucker Max

So you want to write a book. You want to be an author. So what’s stopping you? Is it time? Or maybe you’re just stuck on how to begin. The process is arduous and draining and to do it well takes know how and skill. It’s a monumental commitment which only the strong can endure. But now there’s a new way to author your book. A new way to make your mark. So, put down your pen, smash your typewriter on the ground, close down your writing app. Stop doing whatever it is you are doing and listen to this episode with my guest Tucker Max.

How To Become Unbreakable


In this episode we meet a man who faced death, but refused to grab its hand. He then went on to compete in the 2012 Paralympics and competes again in this year’s 2016 Summer Olympic Games. My guest Tanner Gers has a truly amazing story and he is truly unbreakable.

For more information about Tanner head on over to the Creative Success Show

Do You Know How To Permaculture?

My guest Sean Fraser of Confluence Design Studio in Nairobi, Kenya talks about sustainable architectural design & natural building, renewable energy, ecological landscaping, canvas design and permaculture. We also talk about how Kenya is leap frogging technologies and disrupting traditional banking.

Your Time Starts Now


Life is an ocean of choices waiting for us to decide.
We sail on a vessel called time and time is the map. Pick your destination, plan your path and begin. Your time starts now!
No pencils down. No multiple choice. It’s only fill in the blank and all answers are correct.

Do We Live in Reality or Virtual Reality?

In a world of Reality vs. Virtual Reality many questions exist. Do we control the world of virtual reality or does the world of virtual reality control us? Are we of reality built of flesh and bones or are we built from the imaginations of our designers? As we progress deeper into a world were the line between the two paradigms become blurred, answering these questions may in fact become less important and even less of a reality.

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